The Gathering


In the old days, people got together near the fire at end end of the day, under the light of the stars


Tales of the day and of the past were shared amongst all those present, offering teachings for the young and remembrance for the wiser


As there is always something to share to those that truly seek it



Both the book as well as the site were primarily made to be read


That is how it gains value and form


How it inspires those to take the path that they want and need in their life



If you seek one more to join by the fire to tell a story


Both I and Alexander are available to tell ours


To read some selected posts


To raise discussions around BDSM and related themes



This will of course not be free


As travel and living arrangements have to be made


Primary locations for those meetings will ideally be set in the UK for Alexander and Portugal for me, but there is availability to travel within Europe if so requested


Feel free to reach me at the following address for further information and contacts